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Behind the Scenes: NTS MANTLE Launch Day

February 16, 2022 was a day of celebration for NexTech Solutions when the company finally launched their new product, MANTLE.

  MANTLE DeviceMANTLE is an automation tool leveraging modern cloud-native technology to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the Warfighter. Purpose-built for the edge, MANTLE provides a new kind of automated infrastructure deployment experience that is rapid and repeatable, where even in a fully disconnected state, all support devices and virtual infrastructure can be completely automated at the push of a button. MANTLE exemplifies the company’s vision to bring the cloud-to-edge story to life through constant application of cloud principles such as Infrastructure as Code, Ephemeral Infrastructure, and Flexible Consumption to the Edge.  

MANTLE Boot ScreenMANTLE has been in development for four years, its concept originating in 2018, under the supervision of NTS VP of engineering Will Lester. Originally dubbed the NTS Edge Automation Toolkit (NEAT), it began as a collection of batch scripts and PowerShell, then started to incorporate Python, JSON, and C++ scripts. After a demo at VMWorld in 2019, much dedication from a growing team of engineers, and an eventual challenge from CEO Biney Dhillon in late 2021 to release the product in six months’ time, MANTLE was ready for the public.  

Since launch day, information on the product has been published on the company website, YouTube page, and even PR News. NTS participated in a festive team lunch; previewed and received specialized merchandise, including but not limited to customized stickers, socks, drawstring backpacks, and baseball caps supporting both the company brand and MANTLE; viewed and reacted to the product’s explainer video, launched the same day; and listened to key remarks from Lester and Dhillon. Lester states, “I’m excited for the future of this platform, and the roadmap is full of potential to continue revolutionizing Edge Automation. I’m grateful to our customers and partners for their support!” Lester also confirms that the team will continue to expand the product’s compatibility with various hardware platforms.

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NTS Branded Apparel

MANTLE was recently demonstrated at AFCEA WEST 2022 and AFCEA Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium. Details of both events and the product’s public reception are soon to follow. 

To learn more about MANTLE’s capabilities, watch the explainer video and read more here.


NexTech Solutions is focused on systems and network engineering to support cloud, hybrid, and edge solutions. We devote our time to truly understanding the unique mission requirements of our federal clientele by building mission-driven solutions that meet today and tomorrow’s demands and offering a diverse and customizable set of classified and unclassified capabilities focused on mission support.