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Why It Makes Sense to Leverage the “as-a-Service” Method of Infrastructure Modernization

“We don’t have the budget to modernize our infrastructure right now.” This is something of a common refrain we’re hearing from clients.

What if your organization could modernize its IT infrastructure, while maintaining cost assurance, and dramatically reducing the staff hours required to keep your infrastructure mission-ready?

It’s called a Technology Platform as-a-Service, and it’s revolutionizing the way government organizations do business.

T-PaaS is a secure, enterprise-class platform hosted in a contractor-owned, contractor-operated (COCO) environment.

The T-PaaS offers huge advantages in the following areas:


Leads to faster development, integration, and ultimately deployment of capabilities that need to be quickly fielded.


Provides a customized environment where organizations can create and deploy new capabilities without costs and time associated with building and maintaining standard hardware, software, and network infrastructures.


Allows government agencies to focus on capabilities and results rather than hardware, software, and personnel, which makes it easy to pivot and adjust as technologies change.


Includes scalable networks of resources that can be accessed on-demand.

NTS has re-invented the PaaS model as a simple solution for complex problems with an “easy button” approach — we call it “Technology Platform as-a-Service” or T-PaaS.

Our platform, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, is based on a Service Catalog with a wide array of capabilities including compute, storage, networking, software, hardware, integration, security, management tools, advanced engineering, program management, other subject matter experts and more.

This model allows our clients to pursue an integrated approach to problem-solving. The solution focuses on the major problems and overall priorities for the client. In many cases, a solution would include leveraging SMEs, repurposing of existing assets, cloud resource integration, and the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

For example, in the context of our automation capabilities, we’re providing a platform similar to what you would have found at DI2E. To name a few items; Issue Tracking, Agile Planning, Helpdesk Ops, Documentation, Reporting, Git, and a LOT more.

By moving to an enterprise built on infrastructure-as-a-service, and by using automated implementations, manpower requirements are dramatically reduced, as is human error in areas such as monitoring and remediation. With this model, the constant sustainment of the data center requires fewer staff hours, and these can be reallocated towards expanding their organization’s capabilities.

Personnel time is better spent developing solutions and processes using their infrastructure rather than worrying about the function of the infrastructure itself.

But what about the budget?

NTS takes on the initial cost burden of getting your organization’s infrastructure to where the client needs it to be. Our clients aren’t purchasing hardware or software licenses, they’re paying an agreed upon rate for the configuration, management, and troubleshooting of their IT infrastructure.

We walk alongside our clients to discover their unique needs and plan for the modernization of their systems, and since our clients know what the costs are upfront, they can plan for future budget allocations with the assurance that their IT infrastructure is going to meet their ever-changing needs for years to come.

For additional details on T-PaaS and how it works, visit: