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NTS Mantle



NTS MANTLE is a suite of tools that leverages modern cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the Warfighter. It extends the power of the organization’s CORE services to the outer layer, or deployed EDGE.

It makes infrastructure deployment a rapid, repeatable process. It drastically reduces the resources needed to deploy, eliminates configuration inconsistencies on any H/W platform, and does so without compromising the system’s capabilities. MANTLE automatically provisions infrastructure components, deploys modern workloads, and verifies the integrity of the configuration before safely shutting down and preparing for deployment.

The Idea

The NTS Advanced Solutions group was tasked with finding a way to meet our own internal need for rapid setup, teardown, and prototyping of demonstration kits. Combining half a dozen or more disparate technologies into a cohesive solution that is greater than the sum of its parts is no easy task. The result of the NTS Advanced Solutions group’s efforts came to be known as NTS MANTLE.

How It Works

MANTLE allows the user to deliver more services, faster, and with less manual configuration. Using an “infrastructure-as-code” approach, it enables a consistent deployment model that allows the configuration engineer to define a desired end-state in plain-text and then quickly deploy that configuration to their mission hardware.

The usage of containers to scale services in real time is a significant leap forward in the arena of IT infrastructure management. NTS MANTLE can automatically provision VMware infrastructure as well as Kubernetes. The operator doesn’t need to choose between virtualization and containerization models, it works with both, simultaneously.

Our software suite helps make the Modern Deployable Edge a reality by significantly reducing deployment effort and ensuring the kit is built to spec on-time, every time.

When time is of the essence, NTS MANTLE delivers.


As is to be expected of any technical product, it has already begun to evolve to meet new needs.

MANTLE PRIME – The first iteration of MANTLE, it cuts the time needed to deploy infrastructure down to a tiny fraction of what would have been previously necessary.

MANTLE PLUME – An automation platform that enables technical and non-technical users to deploy and/or migrate services from the edge to the cloud. Plume provides an easy to use interfaces that allows for quick configuration, ingestion, and replication of edge services into any cloud environment. Plume acts as the broker between disparate data center and cloud environments, while consolidating multiple GUI’s into a single application that reduces misconfiguration, loss of services, and user error.

MANTLE FOUNDRY – A flavor of MANTLE created to quickly set up four node environments; it automates the configuration of a 4-node cluster of VMs while also being more forgiving to the user. An error can be rectified and the user can have the system back up and running in a handful of minutes as opposed to an hour or more.