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NTS Unveils Edge Activation Platform through joining the RedHat Embedded Partner Program

NexTech Solutions LLC (NTS), a leading software provider, is thrilled to announce its Edge Activation Platform (EAP) along with the official integration of its flagship product, MANTLE, into the Red Hat Embedded Partner Program. This strategic alliance empowers NTS to offer a comprehensive software solution that seamlessly combines MANTLE with Red Hat Ansible platform, providing customers with a powerful edge automation capability like never before.

MANTLE, known for its lightning-fast, autonomous infrastructure activation, has now evolved to offer an extended automation journey. Traditionally, the NTS automation mission stopped after the infrastructure deployment phase, necessitating the use of additional tools like Ansible for Day 1 automation tasks. With NTS’s integration into the Red Hat Embedded Partner Program, MANTLE and Ansible are united on a single platform focused on Edge Superiority, allowing users to harness the full spectrum capabilities and bring true Edge Activation Platform to the field.

Key Benefits of the MANTLE Edge Activation Platform (EAP)


  • Just in time availability based on Mission needs.

Ease of Use

  • Eliminate complexity without sacrificing capability. Push button easy to get the edge activated

Zero Tradeoffs

  • Field the best solution for the need, technology gets out of the way and users get what they need.

Key Benefits of the Integration

Streamlined: Users can leverage the well-established infrastructure automation capabilities of MANTLE and Ansible through an easy-to-use application that is purpose-built for edge infrastructure.

Versatility: With this integration solution, customers can deploy and configure complex applications or containerized environments effortlessly, enhancing operational efficiency.

Robust Edge Activation: NTS is committed to developing an even more capable platform, empowering customers to excel in the dynamic edge computing landscape by integrating with Ansible.

“We are excited to announce the release of our Edge Activation Platform through our collaboration with Red Hat and the inclusion of MANTLE in the Red Hat Embedded Partner Program,” said Will Lester, VP of Engineering at NTS. “This integration represents a significant leap forward in automation capabilities for our customers. We can begin automating tasks and Day 2 operations that were traditionally done outside of our MANTLE application and bring those into the fold using our new EAP. By unifying MANTLE and Ansible, we are empowering our military to achieve comprehensive automation at the edge, opening doors to new possibilities and efficiencies,” Lester concluded.

The integration of MANTLE into the Red Hat Embedded Partner Program is a testament to NTS’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive digital transformation and efficiency for businesses across various industries.

For more information about the benefits of NexTech Solutions joining the Red Hat Embedded Partner Program please visit: NTS MANTLE-Red Hat Ansible AUSA Automation Brief