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The Importance of Predictive Maintenance for The Military

Military operations are complex and challenging, and the equipment and assets used in these operations must be able to perform at the highest level under extreme conditions. That’s why predictive maintenance is essential for military personnel, such as the Department of Defense and the Army.

“Predictive maintenance increases equipment uptime by 10 to 20% while reducing overall maintenance costs by 5 to 10% and maintenance planning time by 20 to 50%”.

-Predictive Maintenance | Position Paper . Deloitte Analytics Institute

Below, we will explore the importance of predictive maintenance for military equipment and how it can help improve operational readiness.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance in tech is a proactive approach to equipment maintenance that leverages data to identify potential issues before they become serious problems. This can be particularly beneficial for military equipment, which is often subjected to harsh and demanding environments, making it prone to wear and tear.

Why Predictive Maintenance is Important for the Military?

Military operations rely heavily on the use of various types of equipment, including vehicles, weapons systems, and communication tools. The proper functioning of this equipment is critical to the success of a mission. Equipment failure can lead to mission delays or failures, putting military personnel in harm’s way.

Predictive maintenance can assist in keeping equipment in top condition by identifying potential issues before they cause a breakdown. Similar to planning routine maintenance on your everyday vehicle. At certain intervals of use, its parts need to be serviced to extend the life of the vehicle. For instance,  you may receive a warning light on your dashboard when oil changes are due. 

Predictive maintenance works similarly, it leverages data collected from equipment sensors to identify when a component may be close to failure, or when maintenance may be required. This data can be analyzed to determine when maintenance is needed, and proactive action can be taken before a failure occurs. This approach helps reduce the risk of downtime and keeps the equipment in operational readiness.

How Predictive Maintenance Works

Predictive maintenance in tech works by collecting data from equipment sensors, which can be used to identify potential issues. The types of data collected can vary depending on the equipment, but common data points include performance, usage, and wear and tear. This data is then analyzed using machine learning algorithms and predictive models to identify when equipment may require maintenance or when a component is close to failure.

The algorithms used to analyze this data can be sophisticated and complex, but the process can be streamlined and automated. By using machine learning, predictive maintenance can be performed with a high degree of accuracy and can identify issues that may be difficult to detect using traditional maintenance methods.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance for the Military

Predictive maintenance can provide numerous benefits to military personnel, including cost savings and increased safety. By identifying potential issues before they cause a breakdown, predictive maintenance can help reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance. This approach helps leaders plan and allocate resources more efficiently, reducing the overall cost of maintenance.

In addition to cost savings, predictive maintenance can also increase safety for military personnel. By identifying potential safety hazards, equipment can be serviced proactively, ensuring that it is safe to use. This approach helps minimize the risk of accidents and can help keep personnel safe.

Finally, predictive maintenance can help maintain operational readiness by ensuring that equipment is always ready for deployment. This approach helps reduce the risk of downtime and ensures that the equipment is always operational when it’s needed.

Predictive Maintenance is Mission Critical

It goes without saying that predictive maintenance is critical for military personnel who need to ensure that their equipment is always operational and ready for deployment. By leveraging data to identify potential issues before they become serious problems, predictive maintenance can help reduce the cost of maintenance, increase safety, and improve operational readiness. 

Machine learning algorithms and predictive models can automate this process and ensure that the equipment is maintained with a high degree of accuracy. Both military and civilian industries should consider implementing predictive maintenance in their operations to maintain a high level of mission readiness and keep personnel safe.

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