Intelligent Tactical Edge

Taking Data to Where’s It’s Needed

The edge is where the action is, where the users are, and where things happen. NTS provides Intelligent Tactical edge solutions that overcome the size, weight, and power limitation that affect the processing power that tactical users could leverage on the battlefield. But now, the NTS Tactical Edge with the latest Klas Telecom Voyager technology, combined with VMware, enables users to deploy enterprise-grade, hyper-converged tactical data storage networks to the field in a single, airline carry-on- size roll away case. Software-defined storage technologies require processing nodes with maximum compute power and data-center grade networking for communications between nodes. Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC) provides Intel Xeon D processing, 512 GB RAM, 32 physical cores and 10 Gbps networking to provide the best performance possible.

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