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Our Role in Shaping Government IT Infrastructure: Paving the Way Through Innovation

The information technology needs of government agencies are vast and complex. As a trusted IT advisor for the public sector, NTS has been at the forefront of innovation, helping drive progress and enhance capabilities. Our collaborative approach and dedication to understanding each client’s unique requirements have enabled us to make a meaningful impact over our 30+ year history.

Blazing the Trail with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Innovation is in our DNA. We continually seek out emerging technologies and evaluate how they can address our clients’ IT needs now and in the future. Our team has successfully implemented advanced solutions to empower government agencies, including:

  • Leveraging cloud computing and hybrid architectures for improved scalability, resilience, and cost-efficiency
  • Employing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to streamline operations and extract value from data
  • Building cybersecurity defenses using leading-edge tools for threat detection, vulnerability management, and compliance
  • Creating augmented and virtual reality applications for training, digital twin capabilities, and enhanced situational awareness
  • Integrating Internet of Things sensors and edge computing to enable real-time analytics and optimize infrastructure

Our early adoption strategy allows clients to gain a competitive advantage and proactively prepare for the future. NTS also incubates promising startups through our NineTwelve Institute, fueling further innovation.

Forging Strategic Partnerships for Comprehensive Capabilities

We recognize no single vendor can provide everything today’s government IT ecosystems require. That’s why NTS proactively forges partnerships with many best-of-breed technology providers, from major players like AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware to niche experts in emerging solutions. This enables us to offer the optimum blend of technologies tailored to each client’s environment and objectives.

Our hardware-agnostic approach focusing on total solution architecture and lifecycle management ensures the flexibility to incorporate new innovations as they emerge. We also facilitate connections within our extensive partner network to collaborate on solving complex challenges.

Guiding Clients on Their Digital Transformation Journey

Modernizing legacy IT systems and processes to meet evolving demands is a continuous journey. NTS consultants act as trusted advisors, working closely with agency leaders to assess their current state, create a strategic roadmap, and provide guidance during execution. Our methodology includes:

  • Conducting extensive discovery to map out existing infrastructure and pain points
  • Identifying modernization priorities aligned to mission objectives
  • Performing cost/benefit analyses on potential upgrades and new platforms
  • Assisting with cloud migrations, security enhancements, and legacy system rationalization
  • Providing ongoing program governance and change management
  • Every client’s transformation needs are unique. Our goal is to share our decades of public sector expertise to make their journey a success.

Cultivating the IT Workforce of the Future

None of this progress would be possible without people. NTS makes substantial investments in recruiting top talent from diverse backgrounds and developing their skills through ongoing training, mentorship programs, and by funding advanced certifications. We also partner with colleges/universities to foster the next generation.

It takes a robust team of subject matter experts and emerging leaders to design, deliver, operate and secure tomorrow’s technology solutions. By empowering people to reach their full potential, we’ll continue driving innovation forward.

The Road Ahead

While we take pride in our track record of modernizing government IT thus far, we know there are always new challenges and opportunities ahead. NTS remains committed to shaping what’s possible through ingenuity and strong partnerships. Contact us today to explore how we can help accelerate your agency’s digital transformation. The future starts now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does NTS have working with government agencies?

We have over 30 years of experience as a proven IT solutions provider exclusively focused on the public sector at the federal, state and local levels.

How does NTS stay on top of the latest technology innovations?

We invest heavily in R&D and have an emerging technologies team dedicated to evaluating cutting-edge solutions. We also collaborate closely with our partners and incubate startups to continuously integrate new innovations.

How does NTS help clients develop an IT modernization roadmap?

We conduct extensive discovery to understand their current environment, pain points and objectives. Our consultants then create a tailored strategic plan aligned to mission priorities and budget realities.

What services beyond IT does NTS offer?

In addition to IT modernization, we provide cybersecurity, software development, systems engineering, and other services to offer comprehensive mission support.

Does NTS also support defense/intelligence agencies?

Yes, we have an extensive track record serving the Department of Defense, intelligence community and other sensitive government organizations. We hold the appropriate clearances to securely deliver advanced IT capabilities.