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On the Road Again: TechNet Augusta 2022

Rich Gallant, Director of Software Sales 
David Laughinghouse, Account Manager – MANTLE Software Sales  

Rich Gallant and David Laughinghouse

With the highly anticipated AFCEA 2022 TechNet Augusta conference, the NTS MANTLE team could not have asked for better success. Attendance was excellent, and the amount of feedback and interest we received about MANTLE was overwhelming. There was presence by all major Programs of Records (C3T, IEW&S, EIS, Solider) and multiple units from Ft. Gordon and Ft. Stewart. In addition, there was an increased number of participants from around the globe this year, giving us the opportunity to speak with several attendees from Germany, Hawaii, and Korea.  

During our time at the show, we had various users approach us about our MANTLE Mobile kit we had up and running at the booth, interested in what we do. From components including Cyber, Infrastructure, Networking, Software, and Systems, as well as various other integrators and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  

The leading feedback we received as we walked through our MANTLE automation demos was that most users wished they had this capability years ago, as complexity and the time to deploy systems are significant pain points. Two features that stood out the most to attendees were our ability to fully automate a VMware VSAN deployment on our local kit in around 49 minutes and the newly added automation support for Cradlepoint devices.  

With MANTLE Mobile, we were able to show how we can take a complex application such as the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) and demonstrate how MANTLE can support pre-loaded configuration files and plugins, as well as standard configurations. We also spoke to attendees about how MANTLE Mobile can solve various use cases to include OS (Operating System) and application-level configuration applications such as Mobile Device Manager (MDM) integration, VPN capabilities, Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) support, along with relevant ATAK plugins.

MANTLE Mobile showing Android Phone and Tab Automation

 Virtual environments for our users are growing more complex by the day, and they are a very manual process to deploy. Stand-alone scripts are not only challenging to create but maintaining those and merging them into a fully functioning automation runbook is not something our users have time to do or the tools to sustain over time. These virtual environments are also expanding into other systems outside of only hosting traditional applications. We now have virtual routing infrastructure, and non-traditional IT systems like Counter UAS, Intel, or Force Tracking capabilities all have virtual environments to run their systems on and lack the necessary support to get this infrastructure stood up. In addition, Cyber defense deals with hosting their tools on a virtual infrastructure, which can take away from their mission of supporting their network defense at the edge. 

MANTLE Edge Automation showing a 3-node VSAN, CSR1000V and our Proof-of-Concept Cradlepoint Automation

Additionally, we had much interest in our newly added automation support for Cradlepoint devices. While still in the proof-of-concept phase, we demonstrated how MANTLE can report device information and status, and push and pull configuration data to a Cradlepoint device in an isolated environment. These Wireless WAN (WWAN) routers from Cradlepoint are becoming an even more critical part of our user’s infrastructure with an extensive amount of use cases from inside vehicles to traditional TOCs, CSfC (Commercial Solutions for Classified) uses cases, and more specialized environments needed to run in. Through these initiatives of providing automated configuration for those devices operating in an isolated environment, we discovered we are scratching a major itch in the community.

One of the primary issues we continue to hear about is the ability of the soldier to stand up the virtualized environment their virtual routers run on. We continue to hear that there are not always enough bodies or levels of expertise to go around, whether at a Brigade, Battalion, or Company level. Providing network-focused soldiers the ability to stand up the virtualized environment on their own is a considerable time and resource savings. As we move out of the proof-of-concept phase, we will certainly have more details to follow on this capability. We look forward to gathering feedback from the community on how we can better support moving forward. 

To learn more about MANTLE’s capabilities and how you simplify operations at scale and gain control of your edge operations, click here. 


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