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Team Spotlight

NTS Team Spotlight – Human Resources

This week’s team spotlight is on our Human Resources team. Get to know this team on a more personal level and all the great things they do to make NTS so successful!

Tell us about your team, what does the NTS HR team do?  

The HR Team is comprised of talented individuals with years of HR experience. We pride ourselves on being the heart of NTS. Our mission is to create an overall atmosphere of happiness, health, career opportunity, inclusion, and retention while focusing on the NTS Mission and embracing our Values.

Our team prides itself on being innovative, remaining committed to excellence, and being ethical and fair in all we do.  We believe our NTS Family are our internal customers, and we want to be their “Partner in Moving Forward”.  We provide an informative monthly newsletter that highlights new hires, promotions, benefit, and policy updates as well as celebrating birthdays and honoring those who have anniversaries with NTS.

We are strategically focused on hiring veterans as a core part of our recruitment efforts, but we do much more than that. We manage compensation, benefits, employee engagement, and employee retention. HR also provides strategic partnerships to our Executive Staff, executes all staff on-boarding, off-boarding, and everything in between.

We keep all HR services “in-house”, thus we have the liberty of being tenacious in working with our benefit providers to get us the best benefits… not the cheapest, but we feel the benefits we provide are some of the best-in-class and when someone actually has to use them, we want them to be there and actually pay out. This is why we have different vendors; as we feel by doing this, we can provide the best and richest benefits, services, and support to our NTS Family.

What value does the NTS HR team hold?

Each team member has a focus and an area where they are considered to be the subject matter expert, which makes us a well-rounded team. We spend hours researching benefits to provide the best and richest plans available. When recruiting and hiring we search for candidates who embody the core elements of our Mission and Values. We are constantly researching and attending knowledge-based curriculum to confirm we are compliant and knowledgeable in all areas of HR, as it is a constantly changing environment.  We work diligently to pay our NTS Family on time (this is very important to everyone). As the first impression many new hires see and hear, we feel the personal touch we provide is essential in the success of the new hires. We pride ourselves on providing a personal onboarding to all employees and we are proud to say we are an HR Team that has kept the “Human” in Human Resources.

What’s the best part about being on the NTS HR team?

Really, its getting to know our NTS family on a more intimate level. we realize so much of what we do and the decisions we make impact our NTS Family in a very personal way.  We take pride in knowing what we do has lasting value.  We believe we are the heart of the NTS family and pride ourselves on being very servant-minded, and in being available to all our NTS Family members.

If you could describe the NTS HR team in one word, what would it be and why?

Supportive. HR falls under company overall operations and as such, we feel what we do is directly related to the foundation of our organization.  We like to think of it as a house. If your foundation is weak, your house will not stand during times of struggle or turbulence.  As an HR Team, we strive to provide support in the areas of great employee selection, employee engagement, benefits, as well as being available to support employees through life events. The employee journey begins with a member of the HR Team, and as such, we believe it is critical that we begin building a great engagement experience for the employee from the very beginning of their journey with NTS.

HR Mission Statement: “We have a passion for technology and service with a true focus on innovation.  We hire people who are passionate, engaging and have a true belief in putting our customers first all while achieving personal and team success. We train our team to be knowledgeable and highly skilled and re reward the value they bring to our business.”