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Team Spotlight

NTS Team Spotlight – Advanced Solutions

This week’s team spotlight is on our Advanced Solutions team. Get to know this team on a more personal level and all the great things they do to make NTS so successful!

Tell us about your team, what does the NTS AS team do?

The NTS AS team is a group of innovative thinkers that are tasked with tackling complex challenges. We see complexity and technical difficulty as a business opportunity—and build products and services that make it easy for customers to accomplish their mission.

What value does the NTS AS team hold?

The AS team’s greatest value is its diversity of experience and perspective. We have former service Marines and Sailors, as well as software developers and a trained journalist. Our personnel are also at various points in their professional career – some are industry veterans and others are completely new to the Federal and Defense space. This diversity leads us to ask “why” more than any other group and helps us uncover new business and technical opportunities. This team is purpose-built to solve tough problems. To do our job well, we have to bring as many ideas together as possible. That isn’t the end of it though; the real reason we’re successful? Everyone on the team sees the value of every other member of the team. There are two common threads you’ll find amongst AS team members. The first is that each of them is very good at breaking down complex problems into smaller, more digestible pieces. The second is that they crave information/intelligence.

What’s the best part about being on the NTS AS team?

The best part of being on the NTS AS team is our ferocious commitment to the needs of the customer. While we love to tinker, and we give each other lots of room to do so, everything we do must ultimately serve the needs of the Warfighter. Knowing that our efforts increase the safety and lethality of our Nation’s fighting force is the most rewarding thing about the AS mission.

If you could describe the NTS AS team in one word, what would it be and why?

Builders. We make things that don’t yet exist by combining sometimes disparate technologies. We sometimes craft from primitive elements while other projects are a combination of existing parts. Ultimately, we make things.

The Advanced Solutions team is comprised of Will Lester, Bill Crupi, Jeremy Martin, Mat Tonne, and Will Ervin.