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My NTS Journey

My NTS Journey: Mike Griffin

What drew you to NTS?

Sure, a little bit about that story. I saw a job posting and we were looking for a welcome center assistant facility security officer. At the time I was retired, not working, and I was getting bored and wanted something to do so I applied, after chatting with Ranae our HR Manager, we both decided I was bit overqualified, but she said she would stay in touch. She did in fact stay in touch over the course of couple of months and eventually reached out and offered me a consultant position with the company which led to my current full-time position as Security Chief & FSO for our Mission Support Center.

When was that moment where you knew you’d made the right decision to work at NTS?

I remember it clearly. It was last year in January. After coming on as a consultant in December doing cybersecurity, in January we held the NTS All-Hands Meeting and the leadership allowed me even as a consultant to sit in and be a part of the meeting. I was able to observe the leadership team and I walked away from almost three days of engagement really knowing that the company was going in a great direction. They had a lot of good plans in place. I saw an opportunity for growth. Not only within NTS proper, but with what we were doing here at the Pinewood Mission Support Center, and I walked out of it at the end of the three days and knew that I would do anything that I could to maintain my relationship here and hopefully transition from my consulting role into a full-time employee.

What has been your proudest moment in working for NTS?

There’s been two really. One of my proudest moments is really more of a continuum and that’s the opportunity that I’ve had to guide, counsel, and mentor some of our younger and newer people that are coming onboard. Being able to share my experiences and my knowledge and background to help them and watch them grow into positions here at the Pinewood Mission Support Center; and also, just to see how we’re able to integrate some of this new talent into our overall day-to-day operation has just been a real proud moment for me.

And then the second one is when I was given the opportunity to come into the role as the Mission Support Center Security Chief and also take on the FSO role. I had an opportunity to elevate the area to the level of expectation by our leadership team and build my own team which has been very rewarding.

What surprised you the most about NTS?

I continue to get surprised about NTS and really, it’s about the depth, breadth, and scope of what NTS is as a business. Realizing that the Pinewood Mission Support Center is only a small portion of everything that NTS does. But really, the biggest surprise has just been how many different things we do and the level and quality of the development on creating internships and the work that our team provides to our clients.

Any final comments?

I’m proud to be a member of the NTS family. I really appreciated this last weekend. I opened up my LinkedIn and saw that I had a “kudos” from Biney (our CEO) for being a team player and that’s one thing that I really appreciate about this organization is the leadership and the fact that they’re uplifting . They’re always reaching out to teammates, always recognizing good performance, and always striving to make the organization and all of us better through opportunity. Final note – I love being a member of the team and look forward to continued  success and additional growth as we move forward.

Here at NTS our people are our greatest asset, we invest in our employees and make sure everyone is appreciated, listened to, involved and challenged. Are you ready to join the NTS family? View our current open positions today.