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My NTS Journey

My NTS Journey: Josh Haynicz

When did you know that you had made the right decision in deciding to work at NTS?

Honestly, right away.  My first day. Everyone was so inviting. It’s really an amazing environment. There’s a lot of expertise, a lot of people to learn from and everyone is here to help.

Josh-Haynicz-HeadshotWhat drew you to NTS?

What really caught my eye–my career path was Cybersecurity, that’s the area I’ve been pushing towards. Beyond that, I come from a military family, so supporting the military has always been a huge thing for me. You can’t really get any closer to supporting the military than we are, other than being in the military.


I started as a logistics analyst, and in that position, I was able to support not only our overall missions here, I also assisted in many retirement ceremonies for some of our clients.  Being able to give back to these people who have spent the greater part of their lives serving the country. It was amazing to be a part of giving them a good sendoff.

Another was graduating and moving into my cyber position, going through, and getting my accounts, my certifications, and my clearance really set me on an awesome track and got me excited for the future.

How has your career grown since you joined NTS?

I started out as a logistics analyst, helping out on the operations side of the company. I learned many valuable skills down there, including how contracts work on the back end. I eventually worked my way up to becoming a Junior Cyber Analyst. I have recently been promoted to Cyber Analyst. It’s really been an awesome time. I’m learning from the best people in the business.

What surprised you the most about NTS?

I worked with some other companies while I was in college, and the first thing (and the main thing) that stuck out to me was the huge difference in how engaged and open the Leadership is here. Everyone in the company treats me as a peer, is willing to hear what I have to say and there’s an open-door policy. It’s really amazing, something I’ve never experienced before.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’ll just say I’m enjoying my time here and I expect to spend a very long time with NTS, it’s an awesome time.

Here at NTS, our people are our greatest asset, we invest in our employees and make sure everyone is appreciated, listened to, involved, and challenged. Are you ready to join the NTS family? View our current open positions today.