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My NTS Journey

My NTS Journey: Jeremy Martin

Jeremy Martin joined NexTech Solutions in 2017. Today, we get to hear the story of his progress and where NTS has brought him up to the present. 

What was the moment that you knew you made the right decision to work at NTS?
There are quite a few different moments that I can think of, but I think one of those strongest moments was sitting down with a customer. This was shortly within the first few months I joined NTS. We were working with the customer, and I was kind of shadowing one of the senior sales engineers at the time, and I’d see them create a solution that was crafted around the customer and not so much on compensation on the back end or any of those other external factors. Our team really focused on how to best help the customer, and that was completely different from how I envisioned being in the system integrator world. So, I was really taken aback by seeing how NTS built a whole solution and crafted it around the customers’ needs instead of its own needs. And I really knew at that point that this was the culture that I wanted to be around. I could really see myself growing with these people that had the mentality of focusing on the mission first and not so much on themselves. That was the moment I knew working at NTS was right for me. 

What has been one of the proudest moments for you working at NTS? 

The one moment that sticks out the most was when we took an idea, created a solution, and were asked to present a breakaway session at VMworld in 2018. We thought we would have around ten people come to our session, but then reservations started growing and growing. They moved us to one of the biggest rooms at VMworld to present, and that was probably one of my proudest and most terrifying moments. I’ve always had some sort of social anxiety, so being on stage, presenting a session about architecting VSAN at the tactical edge, a primarily commercial space was kind of nerve-wracking. But being able to see the interest in people and talk to them after the session was honestly my proudest moment. NTS was kind of showcasing packages that had never been seen in the commercial space. It was honestly an awesome experience. 

You’ve been here about five years. How has your career grown since working at NTS? I know you just recently received a promotion. Tell us what your new title is and what you will be doing. 

My current position is Director of Solutions Engineering. So, I’m focused on developing what’s next based on what we see as an engineering feature road map as well as on what customer needs are out there and what technological solutions are coming down the pipeline from some of our partners. Getting to where I’m at has been quite the journey. I originally started out on the sales engineering team as a Senior Sales Engineer. I primarily focused on the SOF community. Not every solution is right for our customers’ needs. Sometimes, we need to create our own solutions to help meet our customers’ objectives. It was around 2018 that we stood up our Advanced Solutions group. I initially took charge as the solution architect for the team, and then that team rapidly grew. It was within the first two years that we had Will Lester come on as our Vice President of Engineering, and then we started growing our software development team and bringing on additional talent for traditional system engineering and network engineering. We created our own homegrown automation platform called MANTLE that sold a need that could delegate duties and help, among other things, continue our RD maps that we’re always innovating while also supporting current operations. That accomplishment overall is what led me to this current position. 

What has surprised you the most about NTS?
I would say the thing that has surprised me most about NTS is the people. You can’t find our kind of people just anywhere. Our team is made of talented individuals focused on supporting the mission post-separation from military service. At all the events I’ve attended with all the companies we’ve interacted with, I have yet to meet a group of individuals that maintain the same level of commitment as our NTS family. 

Here at NTS, our people are our greatest asset. We invest in our employees and make sure everyone is appreciated, listened to, involved, and challenged. Are you ready to join the NTS family? View our current open positions today.