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My NTS Journey

My NTS Journey: Danielle Richards

When did you know that you had made the right decision in deciding to work at NTS?

It was my second day here at NTS when I was introduced to everyone and was trying to remember their names. Every one of them came by and took the time to meet me, to figure out who I am and what I want to do here.

What drew you to NTS?

What drew me was the connection NTS has to Cyber as well as the military. The position you hold for the government really attracted me here.

What has been your proudest moment in working for NTS?

I’d say my exposure to the people here, they’ve all been really friendly, welcoming, and willing to help me whenever necessary. It’s really made me feel comfortable in this position and with the future of my career here at NTS.

How has your career grown since you joined NTS?

It’s grown in the sense that I’m studying but also taking on new responsibilities with the welcome center and security. It’s grown in a way that I didn’t expect it to, which is great, because when you surpass expectations is when the fun starts to happen.

What surprised you the most about NTS?

I didn’t expect the flat structure of the company. You can reach out to anybody for anything that you need and they’re always willing to help. It’s such a great family business culture that’s so welcoming and that was really a big surprise.

Here at NTS our people are our greatest asset, we invest in our employees and make sure everyone is appreciated, listened to, involved and challenged. Are you ready to join the NTS family? View our current open positions today.