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Moving vs Using the Cloud – Move it or Use it?

“An object at rest…” We all know Newton’s First Law of Motion. It’s become a cliché over time, but it still applies. Once an organization settles into an IT infrastructure that functions (usually), is secure (mostly), and remains available to the user (almost always)—the idea of making any sort of transition sounds like heresy.

If an organization is going to transition infrastructure to the cloud, it only makes sense to maximize the opportunity, doesn’t it?

At NTS, it’s our responsibility to educate clients on the breadth of possibilities that exist once they’ve made the move. Test and dev in the cloud? Offer proprietary or customized software as a service? This isn’t limited to IT departments either; so many non-IT organizations have specific use cases or specialized mission sets but lack the time or personnel to train. They need a frictionless way to get the benefits of moving into the cloud (power and flexibility) without the long tail of having to actually move into the cloud.

[Jon Beckham, NTS Senior Sales Engineer on how we’re using the cloud vs. Just moving to the cloud:

We know that making the move to a cloud environment presents an organization with the opportunity to reduce overhead costs and administrative burdens.

What some may not know is that new hosting options within these environments now provide a wealth of capabilities beyond what has been offered in the past. Cloud environments now provide customers with direct access to new services and capabilities. We’re talking about AI/ML tools, options for providing automation in areas that were too complex in the past, and the ability to rapidly implement new services with significantly reduced resources than were previously required.

Together, these pieces allow us to greatly reduce the investment in traditional IT in favor of services that potentially have a great impact on current problems. Cloud services can be deployed in a matter of minutes without the burdens we have seen in the past.]

With an ever-evolving menu of offerings available to customers, we seek to translate the customer’s requirements into solutions that fully utilize these recent leaps in cloud computing, and to do so while integrating the solution seamlessly into the customer’s existing environment. This way, the customer can concentrate on their mission without spending vast amounts of time and effort in making their technology work.

We would love to get some feedback from the community, what are you seeing on Use vs. Move?