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Introducing MANTLE 1.1: The Enhanced Automation Tool for Streamlined Edge Operations

Embracing the Next Generation with MANTLE 1.1

Revolutionizing the field of edge operations, NexTech Solutions (NTS) proudly announces the arrival of our MANTLE 1.1 release. This version has been meticulously designed based on the invaluable feedback received from our esteemed user community. 

With enhanced support for next-generation hardware and UEFI BIOS automation, MANTLE 1.1 boldly leads the way in supporting modern edge deployments, retaining all the robust capabilities of MANTLE 1.0 while offering a host of new features.

The Highlight Reel of MANTLE 1.1: New Features

MANTLE 1.1 introduces an array of new capabilities:

  • Independent data center builds without vSAN
  • Bare metal automation for HPE Edgeline EL8000 and Dell PowerEdge XR4000
  • UEFI BIOS support for modern system deployment
  • Multi-device write erase for efficient operations
  • Build virtual networks from imported JSON config files
  • Enhanced data center review screen for improved visibility
  • Focus on improved ease of use and flexibility based on user feedback

This update enables MANTLE to stay at the forefront of innovation in edge automation while retaining the reliability and robustness that customers depend on.

MANTLE 1.1. User-Centric Improvements to Core Functionality


  • Added support for standalone data center (non-VCSA) builds
  • Added support for deploying OVAs during Datacenter builds
  • Bare Metal Automation for HPE Edgeline EL8000
  • Bare Metal Automation for Dell PowerEdge XR4000
  • Appliance-level licensing to enable free trials
  • Added delete options to build forms
  • Add Kit ID after build completion
  • Search Datacenter Builds by Kit ID
  • Multi-device Write Erase
  • Build Virtual Network from imported JSON config file
  • Created UEFI BIOS automation for existing devices


  • Improved data visibility and retention when moving between form views
  • Fixed “Advanced Networking” UI bug linking primary NIC and VMK input fields
  • Show “stoplights” when returning to the build progress screen
  • Better font loading when operating in a disconnected state
  • Better error handling of invalid Jinja2 templates
  • Require Port Mapping form input for Virtual Network Builds, populate default values
  • Fixed bug requiring sequential IPs for data center hosts
  • Fixed STIG-related bug introduced in vSphere 7.0.3
  • Restore offline API documentation viewing


  • Redesigned Datacenter Review Screen
  • Show canceled builds in all “From Previous” build tables
  • Group BIOS devices by vendor, display user-friendly name
  • Group Network Templates by device
  • More pre-check tasks for ISOs, OVAs, etc.
  • Moved Post Build Scan tasks into the “stoplight” workflow
  • Alphabetize template variables by name
  • Scan OVAs for network interfaces upon upload
  • Utilize one-time-boot options in BIOS automation wherever possible
  • Validate VMware license key format prior to upload

MANTLE 1.1 focuses on improving the user experience through upgrades to core functionality.

Step Into the Future with MANTLE

In an era where efficiency and accuracy are critical, leverage MANTLE to transform your edge operations. Armed with features that resonate with the demands of today’s evolving digital landscape, MANTLE serves as an automation platform of choice for users to simplify operations at scale and gain control of their edge operations. 

Contact the NTS team to learn more, request a demo, or test MANTLE yourself. We believe in the power of partnership and are here to guide your automation journey. Together, we can chart a course for success by bringing new efficiencies to the next-generation cyber battlefield.