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Inside Look at WEST 2022

WEST 2022’s theme for this year was a fitting question for this ever-evolving era: “Are We Committing to New Capabilities Rapidly Enough to Meet Future Challenges?” This annual gathering of technology companies and organizations was catered to the Marine Corps., Navy, and Coast Guard, as well as veterans and members of the government looking to innovators and operators to solve some of their biggest tech challenges of today. The event was also a hallmark moment for NexTech Solutions as we demonstrated our newest product MANTLE – an automation platform built for the edge. The product allows users to deliver more services, faster, and with less manual configuration by significantly reducing deployment effort and ensuring the kit is built to spec on-time, every time. That said, MANTLE enables a consistent deployment model, simplifying operations at scale and allowing users to gain control of their edge operations. 

The showcase at our booth was an overall success, thanks to our Hybrid Solutions Engineer Michael Crain, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer Andre Tate, and Federal Account Manager

 Aaron Buckley, who traveled all the way to San Diego to showcase MANTLE. Their goal was to learn about leading products and trends in the growing tech industry and broaden our connections through personal networking. Each of the attendees that approached our booth was eager to see how everyday challenges in the edge could be solved easily and efficiently with its unique automation capabilities. Of the public’s reception to the product, Crain states, “The attendees that stopped by and were interested in MANTLE were interested in automating their current processes and reducing time spent configuring devices. MANTLE’s capabilities were well received.” We were able to successfully spread the word about our latest automation tool to organizations in the conference area. 

MANTLE was also demonstrated at the Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Symposium. Details are soon to follow. To learn more about MANTLE, visit


NexTech Solutions is focused on systems and network engineering to support cloud, hybrid, and edge solutions. We devote our time to truly understanding the unique mission requirements of our federal clientele by building mission-driven solutions that meet today and tomorrow’s demands and offering a diverse and customizable set of classified and unclassified capabilities focused on mission support.