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Inside Look at APG Spring Technology Expo

April 2022 was a busy month for NexTech Solutions, which presented at multiple conferences, one of which was the APG Spring Technology Expo. This annual event targeted towards PEO C3T, PEO IEW&S, and resident programs has always been a productive venue for connecting specific sectors and their potential clients to the latest, forefront technologies.  

This year, NTS presented its latest product MANTLE, our automation deployment platform built specifically for the edge. With its ability to deliver results rapidly, accurately, and simply – providing infrastructure capabilities in both connected and disconnected environments, regardless of the amount of SWAP resources – MANTLE presented itself as the ideal solution for dealing with unique DoD challenges. Our infrastructure solution was demonstrated live with both our official 60-second explainer video and a recorded video of a MANTLE build. 

Representing NTS at this year’s conference were Army Federal Account Manager Dinh Nguyen and Senior Pre-Sales Engineer Andre Tait. When reflecting on what capabilities of MANTLE we were most excited to present, Nguyen comments one of the infrastructure’s benefits was “ease of use. Takes a bit of the guess work out of setting up hardware and makes efficient use of one’s time.” Participants of the conference came to our booth with positive responses and a plethora of questions, often requesting further demos and more information on how MANTLE could solve their infrastructure challenges. The most common pain points of the conference’s participants when discussing automation were the time, effort, and likelihood of error in setting up the infrastructure itself. MANTLE’s quick and easy provisioning processes can save our clients time and energy whilst promising rapid, repeatable, and error-free processes and results. Regarding NTS’s unique, edge automation solution, Tait says, “Out of what I saw, no one was offering a product that was in MANTLE’s lane.”  

For more information on MANTLE or to schedule a demonstration,