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NexTech Solutions recently hosted the “Automation at the Edge – NTS MANTLE Webinar” where we demonstrated our automation deployment platform. MANTLE gives organizations the ability to deploy Edge compute resources in a fraction of the time currently required. Will Lester (NTS Director of Advanced Solutions) and Jeremy Martin (NTS Senior Solutions Architect) demonstrated a complete automated deployment, showcasing MANTLE’s ease-of-use and discussing a variety of mission-focused applications.

What is MANTLE anyway and how did we get here?

NTS is a leader in Cloud-to-Edge solutions and we’re constantly designing, building, and deploying Edge packages for our customers. The demand for faster deployments and showcasing an increasing number of technologies for our customers has grown exponentially. As a result, we faced a serious challenge keeping up. Based on our experience operating at the Edge, our Advanced Solutions team set out to build a set of tools that would make it easier to reliably deploy various kinds of infrastructure.

We’re big proponents of the Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps models that are so common in the Cloud, but less so at the Edge. Our goal was to create an Infrastructure-as-Code toolkit to deploy Edge infrastructure with the process being rapid, repeatable, and scalable through Automation. Why Automation? Automation increases speed, reduces errors, and helps organizations better utilize personnel. It was through this understanding that MANTLE was born.

MANTLE is a suite of tools that leverages modern Cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the Warfighter. It extends the power of the organization’s CORE services to the outer layer, or deployed EDGE.

  • Makes infrastructure deployment a rapid, repeatable process
  • Drastically reduces the resources needed to deploy
  • Eliminates configuration inconsistencies on any H/W platform, and does so without compromising the system’s capabilities

MANTLE automatically provisions infrastructure components, deploys modern workloads, and verifies the integrity of the configuration before safely shutting down and preparing for deployment.

The specific demonstration of MANTLE during the webinar shows how MANTLE helps reduce the average deployment time of an Edge datacenter package from nearly 4 hours down to 90 minutes or less, sometimes less than an hour, which we accomplish through parallel processing of configuration tasks. Broken down into four distinct phases:Phase 1: Automated bare metal to hypervisor install

Phase 2: Server management deployment (deploying vCenter)

Phase 3: Shared storage – VMware’s vSAN

Phase 4: Advanced networking to deploy a distributed virtual switch as well as basic workloads and templates to the completed server build

This demonstrated approach enables a consistent deployment model that allows the configuration engineer to define the desired end-state in plain-text and then quickly deploy that configuration to their mission hardware.

IT departments are constantly being asked to do more with less. While facing smaller budgets, fewer resources, and tighter schedules; DoD and Federal Agency customers need a platform that can grow with them as their automated infrastructure matures.

With MANTLE you can do more with less:

  • Enhance the Core, Edge, and Cloud infrastructure ecosystem by making infrastructure and service deployments a rapid and repeatable process
  • Allow users to deliver more services, faster, and with less manual configuration

When time is of the essence, NTS MANTLE delivers.

To learn more about MANTLE visit our website and download the white paper:

  • Download the white paper:

If you would like to explore your options with NTS MANTLE and receive more information or have additional questions, please email