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ICYMI: Multi-Cloud Transformation Webinar Session 1

NexTech Solutions recently hosted the first session of our “Multi-Cloud Transformation” webinar series with one of our strategic partners, Morpheus Data. This session focused on the value of multi-cloud application orchestration and how NTS combines DoD-focused automation and mission expertise with the Morpheus hybrid-cloud management platform to reduce complexity and cost while sustaining innovation, improving security, and modernizing applications.

Rich Gallant (NTS, Territory Manager) and Brad Parks (Morpheus Data, CMO) discussed how together, we’re bringing the simplicity and control offered in the Public Cloud into users’ Hybrid and Edge Environment. Attendees were able to get a walk-through of exactly how Morpheus provides agile self-service unified orchestration and DevOps automation to ensure success during all phases of their Multi-Cloud journey, from visibility across clouds, to modernizing applications with CI/CD and infrastructure-as-code.

What is Morpheus?

Morpheus is a powerful self-service engine to provide enterprise agility, control, and efficiency. Quickly enable on-premises private clouds, centralize public cloud access for zero lock-in, and orchestrate change with cost analytics, governance policy, and automation.

Overcoming the Challenge

While the Cloud enables modernization, managing the transition and innovating outside of public providers is a challenge. Users need unified self-service provisioning, orchestration, and automation of hybrid-cloud environments. Agencies of all sizes are trying to move faster, overcome skill gaps, simplify application modernization, and reduce hybrid cloud complexity, which is why Morpheus provides self-service for all phases and stakeholders.


Cloud Ops: Build and Manage
Enable Hybrid private and public cloud access

SecOps: Secure and Control
Assure control and set policy to reduce risk 

DevOps: Automate and Orchestrate
Modernize apps with CI/CD and Infrastructure-as-Code

FinOps: Visualize and Optimize
Optimize cost and visibility across clouds


Why Morpheus CMP for Government Organizations?

Morpheus gives organizations speed and agility without compromising control along with a 100% agnostic approach to eliminate the cost and risk of vendor lock in. This provides consistent operation and automation across on-premises hypervisors, container platforms, and cloud services with freedom to mix-and-match or swap technologies at any time.


If you’d like to read more about Morpheus Data, please check out these solution briefs and white papers:

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About NexTech Solutions
NexTech Solutions core focus is to support Cloud, Hybrid, and Edge solutions within the systems and network engineering field. We devote our time to truly understanding the unique requirements of our Federal clientele. We use that knowledge to build mission-driven solutions that meet the needs of our client today and ready them for the demands of tomorrow. Our team of experts and engineers understand the challenges that Federal agencies face in finding and implementing the best technologies and IT solutions to meet their mission requirements. We offer a diverse and customizable set of classified and unclassified capabilities focused on mission support.

About Morpheus Data, LLC
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Be sure to join us for the second session of this webinar series on November 19th! Click here to RSVP.