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Tuesday, Jun 6th - Wednesday, Jun 7th

TechNet International 2023

Brussels, Belgium

Join NTS at TechNet International 2023 | June 6-7

At this year’s TechNet International, Rich Gallant, our Director of Software Sales, will be an industry speaker and hold a session on “Configuring Tactical Hardware In Minutes, Not Hours: A Practical Guide to Desired State Configuration at the Tactical Edge”. 

For more information about this session, click here.

Session Description: We will be discussing the idea that we call the “iPhone Communicator” and how providing Automation and Infrastructure as Code capabilities to our customer’s edge operations is critical now more than ever. In today’s environment, not only do we have to deal with more advanced adversaries across the globe, but our infrastructure and IT systems have grown more complex than ever with greater adoption into the cloud, things like virtualized and containerized services, software-defined networking and a growing need for mobile end-user device capabilities.

One way to solve this problem is through the adoption of edge-based IT automation or edge infrastructure as code. We will be discussing how our users have been adopting an automation platform that was designed specifically for edge operations in a disconnected state. By enabling automation, we have been able to build and configure our user’s tactical infrastructure, including server and networking provisioning, to full operation in minutes instead of hours. The same has been done for our user’s Android end-user devices, which is typically a cumbersome manual process. We have used Infrastructure as Code to automatically configure the operating system and all of the needed applications and user data in minutes at a significantly larger scale.

This is how we can close the gap of the “iPhone Communicator” challenge, to make our tactical infrastructure as easy to set up and configure as getting the new iPhone, and that is what we are seeking to do. 

About TechNet International: 

In the rapidly and fundamentally changing environment in the new era of big powers competition, the defense and security of NATO and EU member states rely more than ever on gaining and maintaining a technological advantage. Along with many other factors, equipping warfighters with the best solutions is critical for maintaining this momentum and is key for securing peace in these very volatile times. This two-day conference and exhibition will feature the newest technologies and solutions in a wide range of IT-related areas of interest for the defense and public security community. Coming together again in Brussels is vital in order to reconnect with all of the Belgium-based organizations.

This is an event that focuses on meeting and networking on questions of information technology and emerging technologies. The understanding of the background of the NATO environment and the planned or started initiatives, policies, and projects, also at the NATO HQ level, is an essential prerequisite.

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AFCEA Europe
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