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Don’t Fear Automation

Mathew Tonne

If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with automation.

Your ideas about automation are likely formed from some degree of professional or personal experience, whether that be your knowledge of how Python scripts can be used to facilitate systems testing, or your comfort in momentarily reaching across the dash to grab something out of your glove box, knowing that your new vehicle’s lane keep assist system will ensure that you don’t have an unplanned encounter with a guardrail.

My first conscious encounter with automation, where I can specifically recall considering the idea that machines could act on their own, came from seeing “The Terminator”. I know I’m not the only one. It was terrifying to my then way-too-young-to-be-watching-automated-death-machines-travel-through-time self. First impression was great.

The promises of generations past involved utilizing technology to help us work less, expend less effort when doing, and spending more time doing leisurely things. Automated technologies have enabled tremendous leaps in the things that man can accomplish, though occasionally there are hiccups. If you (like me) have ever spent an excessive amount of time attempting to program a refrigerator, you know what I mean.

While, in the past, automation has mostly failed to give us back our time, or to allow us to pick up a new hobby, it has unquestionably made us safer.

Cars see the car in front of you slam on its breaks in the same moment that you’re glancing at a funny billboard. The alarm system in your home calls for help when it detects an intrusion.

Reconsider All Aspects Of Business With Automation, Including Your Network

Your network infrastructure can be safer with automation too.

NTS MANTLE leverages modern cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the Edge. It makes infrastructure deployment a rapid, repeatable process. NTS MANTLE actually DOES return your precious time to you to be spent on other things.

Many of us fear losing a sense of control over the things around us. Or, in the business sense, the very backbone of our organization. The reality is that we long ago began leveraging automation to keep us safer. Now, automation can be used to intelligently disseminate security updates, check remote systems for compliance, and rapidly construct or deconstruct entire network ecosystems, among a myriad of other things.

You control the source of truth, and MANTLE does the rest. Your systems are configured according to your exact wishes, and you can continually verify the integrity of your systems’ configurations against your specific instructions.

If you or your organization are hesitant about implementing automation or machine learning capabilities, we’d love to show you how we can automate your modern and legacy systems in a way that meets your specific needs.


At NTS we recognize that automation is not a destination, but instead a journey. For more information about NTS automation service offerings and the best practices for your organization to take on the road of automation success view our Automation page or contact