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Mission Support

NTS delivers extensive Mission Support to our customers. Our Pinewood Mission Support Center allows the government to truly focus on the outcome and let NTS do the heavy lifting.

More than just a facility, MSC Pinewood is a business model that combines customized space, technologies, and subject matter experts (SMEs), all of which work together to develop processes, programs, and technologies required for any complex solution. This platform model creates large scalable networks of resources that can be accessed on demand.

With an unconventional approach to modern collaboration, our Mission Support Platform is pioneering the next generation of government-focused solutions. We’re connecting government agencies to a robust service catalog of resources and talent through a highly-effective and efficient procurement process and operational support platform.

MSC Technology Platform As-A-Service

Traditional Platform As-A-Service (PaaS):

A traditional platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is a cloud based offering where a service provider delivers a platform to clients, enabling them to develop, run, and manage business or operational applications without the need to build and maintain an expensive infrastructure. PaaS can be delivered through public, private, or hybrid clouds and in all three examples, the customer controls software deployment while the service provider delivers all the major IT components needed to host the applications.


MSC Technology Platform As-A-Service (T-PaaS)

NTS has re-invented the PaaS model as a simple solution for complex problems with an “easy button” approach – we call it “Technology Platform as-a-service” or T-PaaS. Our platform, like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, is based on an IT Service Catalog with a wide array of capabilities including:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Management tools
  • Advanced engineering
  • Program management
  • Subject matter experts and more

All of our T-PaaS capabilities are connected by a common “network fabric” of wired and wireless commercial internet, government unclassified and classified networks. This fabric seamlessly connects sensors, tactical equipment and other source or peer devices anywhere in the world. Similar to traditional PaaS consumers, NTS customers leverage our platform to build, test, integrate, operate, certify and maintain technological capabilities with large scalable networks of resources that can be accessed on demand.

Platform Advantages


Rapid Deployment of Capabilities

Leads to faster development, integration, and ultimately deployment of capabilities that need to be quickly fielded.

Cost Savings

Provides a customized environment where organizations can create and deploy new capabilities without costs and time associated with building and maintaining standard hardware, software and network infrastructures.

Ultimate Flexibility

Allows government agencies to focus on capabilities and results rather than hardware, software and personnel, which makes it easy to pivot and adjust as technologies change.


Includes scalable networks of resources that can be accessed on demand.

Currently Supported at MSC Pinewood

Comprehensive cyber security certification via DoD risk management framework (RMF)

Developmental and operational test of cyber and ISR technologies

System and functional integration of cyber and ISR technologies

Rapid application and prototyping of existing and novel technologies

Technology automation

Open source ISR platform development and integration

We are able to rapidly shift based on mission requirements and provide best in class service due to our unique model.


Easy Button Approach

We apply an “Easy Button” approach to solving your complex problems. We focus our diverse Service Catalog, talented SMEs and wide range of procurement vehicles to find the best and easiest way to meet your operational requirements

Hassle-Free Connectivity

Connecting seamlessly through an IT fabric of commercial ISP and government networks managed by NTS

Robust Service Catalog

Offering a diverse and customizable set of classified and unclassified capabilities focused on mission support

Innovative Collaboration

Creating “tech-vironments” for productivity, innovation, and connection


Providing turnkey operations allowing you to “focus on your mission; we’ll take care of everything else”