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Cloud to Edge

NTS assists customers by providing mechanisms which mobilize data, automate deployments, and expand new capabilities to the edge. We create solutions that dramatically improve the user experience for those in disadvantaged locations who rely upon data stored in remote cloud and datacenter environments.

Easy Deployment and Scalability

Cloud environments offer services that are easy to deploy, scalable, and require a minimal learning curve for the user. As providers expand upon service capabilities, more and more customers are migrating their services to these environments to take advantage of these newfound capabilities and to reduce the personnel requirements in order to apply them in other areas.

Highly Modular Solutions

When it comes to the edge, we provide highly modular solutions that can be customized to mission needs and which greatly expand the capabilities of edge nodes:

Recovery (DR)


Workload Migration
and AI/ML Platforms

In addition, we are able to lend our expertise to build out edge kits in an automated fashion; greatly reducing the time to deployment, personnel hours, and staff expertise required to complete the deployment.

Can Help

NTS provides solutions that ensure data and workloads can be replicated from cloud environments all the way down to the edge, and in between as required by customers. Whether it be the hardware platform we use, or the software stack we overlay with, our solutions are altered to specifically meet the needs of the end user.

Primary Datacenter
Deployed Kit
Cloud Provider