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Every organization wants to do more, to do it better, and to do it faster. Automation can make these aspirations a reality. Let NTS help you navigate your Automation journey.

Unparalleled Performance

NTS is deeply invested in unlocking the power of automation for its clients. Our Automation Lab Enclave is working to reduce barriers to deployment while ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of these processes. 

Agencies face a maze of automation offerings, often leaving you lost in the process and your head spinning with the options. Our automation expertise provides unparalleled performance and a comprehensive framework to address the entire infrastructure lifecycle.

NTS MANTLE is an automation platform that leverages modern cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the edge.

Technological change is inevitable. DoD and Federal Agency customers need a platform that can grow with them as they increase their automation maturity. MANTLE, our automated service deployment platform is built with ease of use in mind.



  • Automatically provisions infrastructure components
  • Deploys modern workloads
  • Verifies the integrity of the configuration before safely shutting down and preparing for deployment

Infrastructure-as-code Approach

MANTLE works by using an “infrastructure-as-code” approach; this enables a consistent deployment model that allows the configuration engineer to define a desired end-state in plain text and then quickly deploy that configuration to their mission hardware.

The usage of containers to scale services in real time is a significant leap forward in the arena of IT infrastructure management. NTS MANTLE can automatically provision VMware infrastructure as well as Kubernetes. The operator doesn’t need to choose between virtualization and containerization models. It works with each of these models simultaneously.

Our software suite helps make the Modern Deployable Edge a reality by significantly reducing deployment effort and ensuring the kit is built to spec on-time, every time. When time is of the essence, NTS MANTLE delivers.

NTS Automation As-A-Service

Our Automation As-A-Service model decreases upfront costs and accelerates delivery while increasing efficiency and productivity designed to support your mission and IT objectives.


Reduce resources needed to deploy while eliminating configuration inconsistencies without compromising the system's capabilities.


Conduct end-to-end processes to transform mission delivery.


Deploy the right workload with the right configuration, every time.