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Why MANTLE for Edge Automation


Why MANTLE for Edge Automation? 

NTS sees automation as an emerging requirement in the DoD, thanks to rapid prototyping, deployment, validation, and sustainment advancements in technology. MANTLE promises to meet these requirements and more by leveraging modern cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the Warfighter. Here are the key benefits of choosing MANTLE for your edge automation processes and missions: 

Rapid and repeatable automated infrastructure deployment | Whether you are communicating data in a connected or disconnected environment, MANTLE uses parallel processing of workloads and tasks to allow you faster, fully automated, Day 0 operations and configurations.

Pushes the cloud to the edge | MANTLE uses modern capabilities developed in the cloud to provide an Infrastructure-as-Code approach to allow for consistency in deployment, simple operations, and control over infrastructure at the edge.

Reduces/eliminates human error | System mistakes and errors can cost your organization time and money. MANTLE eliminates inconsistencies without compromising the integrity of your system and its capabilities, creating a positive loop of faster, higher-quality deployment and delivery.

Improves personnel utilization | Using MANTLE to automate your system’s workflows reduces the burden of time and effort needed to deploy Day 0 infrastructure so that you can allocate your high-value resources to higher-value tasks.

Edge operations and services are critical to access anywhere at any time, but most system infrastructures are difficult to deploy, and local resources can be limited. MANTLE offers cloud-like automation to connected and Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited (DDIL) environments across the globe, whilst addressing your organization’s unique infrastructure challenges.



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