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How to buy: NASA SEWP V Contract



The NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) is a multi-award Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicle focused on commercial IT products and product-based services. Providing the latest in commercial ICT/AV products and services, it has an outstanding track record of serving fresh technology to Federal Agencies. SEWP provides streamlined access for all Federal Agencies to reach key technologies and solutions.  

The NASA SEWP Procurement Vehicle is for IT products and product-related services   

Included in the scope of SEWP is:  

  • IT hardware, including servers, laptops, supercomputers, etc. 
  • Network and telecommunication products 
  • Software products, including Software as-a-Service 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Audio Visual products
  • Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing products
  • Peripherals and supplies such as printers, power supplies, etc.
  • Maintenance and Warranty
  • Installation
  • Site Planning
  • Product Planning
  • Product-based engineering services 

Services can be purchased on SEWP 

The purchase of IT product-based services is available without limitation, including maintenance, warranty, product training, site planning, installation and initial implementation, and product-based engineering services. IT products do not need to be purchased in order to obtain any of these services. The key word is “product”. As long as there is basis of a “product” in that requirement, it will now be within the scope of SEWP.  

What services can’t you buy on SEWP?  

There are only two types of services you cannot get on SEWP V.  

  1. General support. You can’t hire general support like a business analyst to help you change your business processes at your Agency. There is no product involved.
  2. General software development. If someone wants to build a brand new software package, those services are not on SEWP. There is no existing product involved. 

 Usage Of SEWP Contracts 

The SEWP contracts are for use by NASA, all Federal Agencies, including the Department of Defense, and approved support service Federal Agency contractors. 

SEWP V is easy to use  

Training on how to use SEWP V 

SEWP provides a variety of free training methods — in-person, webinars, and online.  

SEWP offers customer training sessions for any Federal Agency that is interested in gaining additional knowledge on the SEWP contract. The training is free of charge. The free customer training sessions provide knowledge on the Program Management and Procurement aspects of the SEWP contracts. The sessions are useful for Procurement and Technical Personnel involved in purchasing, along with key Agency decision makers.  

Mandatory Training For DoD Customers  

The DoD requires employees to be trained in order to purchase through SEWP. The amount of training required varies based on the dollar amount of the delivery orders.  

Order Status Tool  

This tool allows customers to access the order status of their SEWP orders and saves time putting together help tickets, if needed. With this tool, the customer gets a list of all orders by them, or that references them with tracking and order numbers. 

Quote Request Tool 

The SEWP online Quote Request Tool (QRT) is the method recommended by the NASA SEWP Program Office for obtaining SEWP Quotes ( Use of this tool assists in providing and documenting Fair Opportunity and verifying and assuring items quoted are on contract and properly priced. You can also request status information, view order history and obtain copies of orders and related documentation such as the original Request for Quotes (RFQ), date awarded, current status, worth of order, delivery date, and a question and answer tool for contacting Contract Holders or SEWP only.   

How to get items added to SEWP contract 

Submit an official request through SEWP or directly contact NTS  

SEWP is a dynamic catalog where items are added based on customer requests. Therefore, as long as the item you require is within scope of the SEWP contracts, it can be added to the contracts quickly. Below are the recommended methods to have the product added:  

  • If you do not have a suggested source, for orders over the micro-purchase limit, typically under $10,000, it is recommended that the SEWP Quote Request Tool be used. If you are in the early stages of research and do not yet require any pricing, you can select RFI (Request for Information) as your request type. Then you can ask a question of the Contract Holders, such as “If an RFQ of the following type of requirement was submitted, would you be able to respond”; alternatively, you can go right to either the Market Research or RFQ (Request for Quote) request types and ask for either a preliminary or final quote. 
  • You can log into our Quote Request Tool by following this link:  
  • For orders under the micro-purchase limit, you can either use the SEWP Quote Request tool or contact one or more Contract Holders directly.
  • If you have a suggested source or sources and are looking for general availability information, you can contact that company directly.  

Low Costs – Fast Access 

SEWP provides streamlined access for all Federal Agencies to reach critical technologies and solutions with the lowest surcharge fee 0.34%. 

NTS Contract Information  

Contract Number: NNG15SD03B 

Group: Group B  

NAICS: 541519 

Contract Effective Dates: May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2025 

Maximum Order: $20 billion per contract  

NTS SEWP Contacts  

Duane Burpoe: Chief Revenue Officer/SEWP V Program Manager 

Phone: 571.489.4050 

Email: or 

Donovan Quinonez: SEWP V Deputy Program Manager 

Phone: 904.458.7658  

Email: or 


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