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NTS Automation as-a-Service


Agencies face a maze of automation offerings, often leaving you lost in the process and your head spinning with options. Let NTS help you navigate your automation journey. Our automation expertise provides unparalleled performance and a comprehensive framework to address the entire infrastructure lifecycle.


Every organization wants to do more, do it better, and do it faster. Automation can make these aspirations a reality while keeping you up to speed with the latest changes. As systems and non-kinetic capabilities continue to advance, they require automation to operate effectively.  

IT automation accelerates the delivery of infrastructure and applications that automate manual, repetitive, and tedious processes that previously required human interaction. That said, it also eliminates any error human interaction may cause, providing accuracy and dependability. Your organization can only go as fast as its IT infrastructure and applying automation – with its cloud-like hyper-scalability – to common tasks such as configuration, prototyping, provisioning, deployment, validation, and sustainment provides increased speed, improved consistency, and enhanced security. This allows you more time (and less effort) to accomplish your team’s more important goals.  

Additionally, because automating tasks cuts down on required and pricey resources, your work is not only easier, but is also more affordable. Automating modernizes your management of data, which is beneficial because DoD capabilities are developed using modern technologies needed to support and emulate in an operating environment. Our Automation-as-a-Service model not only offers the following benefits, but also any resources you may need to fully automate your systems.


Increases speed, agility, and output
Automation systems have no limitations. Using automation to parallelize workloads and operate serial tasks at the speed of light can significantly reduce the time needed to complete the job. 

Reduces/eliminates human error
Automation systems significantly reduce the potential for human error while increasing deployment consistency and traceability. 

Improves personnel utilization
Automated solutions add a level of resiliency to the business by allowing more personnel to initiate a task with less technical training. 


Offering automation solutions as-a-Service allows NTS to deliver features to more customers at lower initial costs. We understand that our customers mature over time, looking for more opportunities as they develop. Our Automation as-a-Service model decreases upfront costs and accelerates delivery while increasing efficiency and productivity, designed to support your mission and IT objectives. 

1. AUTOMATE —Reduce resources needed to deploy while eliminating configuration inconsistencies without compromising the system’s capabilities.

2. ORCHESTRATE — Conduct end-to-end processes to transform mission delivery. 

3. DEPLOY —Deploy the right workload with the right configuration, every time.


MANTLE and KMS – The DoD has some unique challenges that do not exist in the private sector. From this came NTS MANTLE and Automated Key Management Server (KMS) capabilities. Whether it is building bare-metal kits to production or providing a Tactical-Kit Dashboard, NTS built these capabilities with the operational user in mind.

  • MANTLE MANTLE is an automation platform that leverages modern cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to the edge. Using an Infrastructure-as-Code approach, MANTLE enables a consistent deployment model, simplifying operations at scale and allowing users to gain control of their edge operations. It drastically reduces the resources needed to deploy, eliminates configuration inconsistencies on any H/W platform, and does so without compromising the system’s capabilities. MANTLE automatically provisions infrastructure components, deploys modern workloads, and verifies the integrity of the configuration before safely shutting down and preparing for deployment.

Consulting and Development – NTS offers a variety of consulting packages for remote and/or on-site technical expertise to start your automation journey. NTS Automation Engineers work with clients to meet their specific needs. By nature, automation is process-driven. A core element of the Automation Engineer’s work involves tailoring automated processes to correspond with those of the client. Our staff will work with the client to explore both short-term and long-term solutions to improve the quality of their automated infrastructure.

ITPaaS NTS has piloted the idea of everything as-a-Service. Automation should be no different. Out of our Automation Lab Enclave, we will architect, develop, and deploy all of your automation needs, much like any cloud service would do for you.

  • Automation Lab Enclave – The NTS Automation Lab Enclave (ALE) exists to facilitate joint development projects related to automated workflows. The entire process of creating an automated workflow—from development, to testing, to publishing—can be managed from within our purpose-built lab. ALE works with technologies from companies such as RedHat, Microsoft, NetBox, VMware, Cisco, NetApp, Klas, Dell, HPE, and many more. 

Training – We know there is no true automation/dev military occupational specialty (MOS). NTS will jump-start your team by training them on open-source/Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS)/Government-off-the-Shelf (GOTS) tools. 

Open Slack Community – We realized that open source doesn’t always apply to DoD. We created an open Slack community for our users to share content and ideas.  



At NTS, we recognize that automation is not a destination, but instead a journey. To learn more about NTS automation service offerings and the best practices for your organization to take on the road of automation success, please contact  


NexTech Solutions implements customized cloud, hybrid, and edge solutions. Our holistic approach to problem-solving means that we devote our time to truly understanding the unique mission requirements of our federal clientele before building mission-driven solutions that meet today’s demands as well as tomorrow’s. We offer a diverse and customizable set of classified and unclassified capabilities focused on mission support. For more information, view our capabilities.