Fort Bragg Automation at the Edge Workshop

November 9th, 2022 | 0900 – 1615

Fort Bragg Embassy Suites 4760 Lake Valley Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28303

This training event will focus on edge automation for agile infrastructure deployment with MANTLE, our automation platform. We will highlight its use to automate the provisioning of networking, compute, and EUDs, enhancing the ability to exchange critical information required to accomplish your mission in communications-limited environments.

This free event, which is open to all Fort Bragg personnel, will include multiple hands-on lab exercises run by our Advanced Solutions Team. During these labs, our team will educate, train and guide attendees on how they can automatically build their edge infrastructure, verifying that it meets operational intent by providing automated remediation to eliminate infrastructure problems quickly.

Hands-on Labs

The NTS Advance Solutions Team will run multiple hands-on lab stations during the 90-minute morning and afternoon sessions. Each lab station will be manned by NTS Advanced Solutions personnel to educate, train and guide during the hands-on lab exercise. Attendees will sign up for two lab sessions, one in the AM and one in the PM.

Lab 1 – Building a 4-node vSAN cluster on a physical device using MANTLE Edge Automation

Lead by: Jeremy Martin – Director, Solutions Engineering at NTS

Building a Virtual Data Center utilizing vSAN on a physical piece of hardware – this lab will allow users to use MANTLE to fully provision a 4-node vSAN cluster on a deployable data center stack intended for edge use. This will include BIOS automation, ESXI, vCenter, and vSAN. This section will also include a breakdown of JSON files and how they are used in this process of automation.

Lab 2 – Building a Virtualized Environment within a nested environment using MANTLE Edge Automation

Lead by: Demarko Lee – Systems Engineer at NTS

Building virtualized services with VMware within a nested environment – similar to the lab above, users will be able to use MANTLE to provision a VMware environment within a nested environment. This will be done within a nested environment so users can operate simultaneously and provide a collaborative scenario for building out VMware using automation with MANTLE.

Lab 3 – Configuring Android EUDs using the MANTLE Mobile deployable system

Lead by: David Redmond – Senior Systems Development Engineer at NTS

Provisioning Android EUDs using MANTLE Mobile – this lab will focus on users configuring a series of Android EUDs running ATAK via the MANTLE Mobile deployable system. Users will have the opportunity to walk through the process of how these devices are configured and use MANTLE themselves to automatically deploy the Android devices and accompanying applications.

Lab 4 – Provision and Configure Networking devices – physical and virtual

Lead by: Michael Crain – Hybrid Solutions Engineer at NTS & Bill Crupi – Senior DevOps Engineer at NTS

Configuring various networking devices – this lab will have users working with MANTLE to automatically provision and configure a series of various networking devices that are most often found in the field. These devices will include things like Cradlepoint, virtual Cisco routers, their accompanying OS/Hypervisor, and various physical Cisco routing/switching. This lab will also focus on creating Jinja2 templates and how they are used in automation.

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Arrivals | Coffee | Introduction


Edge Automation with MANTLE: The Story Behind our MIssion


Hands-on Lab Overview




Hand-on Lab AM Session


Lunch | Q&A | Networking


Hands-on Lab PM Session


Post-Lab Discussion




Automation Journey Discussion


The Future of MANTLE


Closing Remarks