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NexTech Solutions at AFCEA TechNet International: Pioneering Edge-Based IT Automation

As an industry-leading technology solutions provider to the government, NexTech Solutions (NTS) is always looking forward to participating in the events that shape the future of our sector. We are excited to announce that our director of software sales, Rich Gallant, has been selected as an industry speaker at the upcoming AFCEA TechNet International Expo and Forum on June 6th – 7th, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

This esteemed two-day conference, focused on the integral role of technology in maintaining NATO and EU defense and security, has always been a platform for showcasing innovative solutions. The discussions, networking opportunities, and exhibitions are designed to foster a better understanding of the IT landscape and the emerging technologies that underpin the defense and public security community’s ongoing efforts.

During this conference, Rich will be delivering a session titled: “Configuring Tactical Hardware In Minutes, Not Hours: A Practical Guide to Desired State Configuration at the Tactical Edge”. This session is scheduled for June 7th at 11:10 – 11:30 AM and it promises to shed light on the challenges and solutions associated with edge operations.

“At AFCEA International I will be discussing the concept of Infrastructure Automation and how that plays a role in edge operations. We have seen a growing need to ease the burden of deploying and managing tactical infrastructure, both due to the growing complexity if system architecture as well as the threat of future near-peer adversaries. Automation at the edge is a key concept that can better enable our future fighting force but historically it has some key constraints that we have been seeking to solve. My goal when speaking at this event is to discuss the common issues that we see when deploying tactical infrastructure and how we have used a variety of automation capabilities to continuously improve our warfighters effectiveness.” – Rich Gallant

In an era where advanced global adversaries and increasingly complex IT systems are the norm, our “iPhone Communicator” concept shines a light on the importance of Automation and Infrastructure as Code capabilities. Our solution provides an opportunity to revolutionize how we deal with server and networking provisioning, making our tactical infrastructure as easy to setup and configure as getting a new iPhone.

Rich will share insights into our edge-based IT automation platform and its efficacy in a disconnected state. He will highlight real-world examples of how our users have seen their tactical infrastructure go from zero to full operation in mere minutes, not hours.

Our approach to Infrastructure as Code has also proven to be a game-changer in configuring Android end-user devices. By eliminating the cumbersome manual process, we’ve ensured that our users can scale their operations significantly and rapidly.

In an era where maintaining a technological edge equates to maintaining peace, we believe that the work we’re doing at NexTech Solutions is more critical than ever. We are proud to contribute to the continued advancement of our defense and public security community.

Stay tuned for updates from the event, and join us as we continue to break new ground in the technological landscape.